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Hello. I’m Caesar Kavadoy,
The Goal Coach.

Coaching on proven content that sets the stage to move from goal-setter to goal-getter.

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Caesar Kavadoy is a speaker, entrepreneur, writer, award-winning sales and leadership coach who has instructed tens of thousands of people on his best-in-class frameworks that set the stage for ANYONE to get to the top of their game professionally.

As The Goal Coach, he’s eager to share his frameworks that help people achieve what matters most in their personal lives and relationships.

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Thoughts From The Goal Coach

Exposed v. Edited

Since before our daughters were born, my wife and I have had the good fortune of planning and enjoying trips…

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Life v. L’oeuf

As a lifelong tennis fan and player, it’s hard to imagine that less than a generation ago, the world’s fourth…

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Isolation v. Inspiration

These past few weeks have been like no other time in our country’s history. It has definitely tested everyone’s ability…

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What People Say about Caesar

I was privileged to meet and work with Caesar during my very short time at CenturyLink. While my time with that company was short, I feel that the skills I acquired while working with Caesar have been applicable to my current position with Overstock, as well as in my personal life. This was not your typical sales/relationship building training session. I could appreciate his very honest opinion (and very dry sense of humor) on not only business relationships, but on personal relationships as well. ‬

Katie Carlson
Cooperative Advertising Advisor: Furniture & Home Decor at

I have had the privilege of working with Caesar and his team for 3.5 years. The tremendous dedication shown to drive success, improve the quality of business conversations and motivate a best in class sales organization has been evident in every aspect of their engagement. Caesar has a tremendous ability to get you to think outside the box and drive yourself to the next level of performance. I highly recommend him to any organization looking to step-up their game. ‬

Patricia Hyde
Chief Revenue Officer, Applied Training Systems

As a new member of a newly formed sales group, I had the opportunity to fly to Denver for a week to be taught sales skills, that I could apply immediately. The moment Caesar began speaking, you knew that this guy knew what he was talking about. He had obviously been in the trenches as a sales professional, and could relate to the good, bad and ugly of what a salesperson, of any industry, experiences on a day to day basis. I doubt I will ever experience training of this caliber ever again. Truly a unique experience…Thank you Caesar for sharing your knowledge and experience with me‬.

Theresa Rief
Director of National Accounts

Despite my best efforts, I struggled for a multitude of reasons to get through one of the most difficult law enforcement training academies over the course of 8 years and two attempts. While discussing a goal to be able to get my wife to reduce her hours at work, Caesar got me to think about pursuing the academy one more time. From day one to graduation day, he was relentless at helping me to remove the obstacles that prevented me from finishing something I thought I’d never pursue again. I hated him for 7 months, but now I have achieved a career goal I never imagined would be possible.

Danny Mayer

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