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You’re The Photographer, right?

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A funny thing happened before I was born. A particular genetic mutation in the transcriptional repressor H-DEC 2. Which basically means that my body is wired and capable of sustaining shorter daily sleep times than normal individuals. Throughout my life, those extra hours have been spent on both destructive and constructive activities. As it happened, I was blessed to have been born to two highly creative and hard-working people. So while I spent most of my youth learning discipline the hard way, it didn’t take too long to find creative outputs for all of that energy. Reading, writing, traveling, drawing, tennis, more reading, playing a variety of instruments, listening to music, listening only to vinyl, more reading and yes… photography.

I got into photography shortly after my first daughter was born. The camera in my hand was like a fat kid with a chocolate bar. I shot, studied, edited, experimented and shot some more. I got hired by some well-known global brands to shoot their products, then got asked to shoot personalities. But I never considered myself a photographer. Still don’t. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Just that I never wanted to quit my day job… Still won’t.

But throughout my love/love relationship with photography, I’ve always found comfort in capturing life as it happens or finding a new and unique way to capture people, places or products. So, here I am. After not focusing on photography for nearly seven years and (recently) fortuitously finding twenty thousand images I had thought I lost, I’m back with camera in hand.

So while I may not be a photographer in the sense that this is my full-time day job. Late at night, when everyone else is sleeping. I AM a photographer. Hope my pictures inspire you as much as the moment that they were captured!

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