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Isolation v. Inspiration

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These past few weeks have been like no other time in our country’s history. It has definitely tested everyone’s ability to remain calm during a storm. I mean, if there was ever going to be a time for people to be ok with their friends and family freaking out, or going looney tunes, now would be that time!

Fortunately for every person hording toilet paper or complaining about social distancing, there are multiple stories of families who have taken this time to actually connect with one another. Or, (as in our home), go back to life before the iPhone and social media. We’ve played more board games, cooked more home meals, and talked about more things than ever before!

I get that it’s easy to find yourself caught up in all the fuss, especially when the end to this global crisis is unknown. But rather than getting discouraged, or falling prey to that feeling of isolation, we have a choice when we reach that intersection. That choice simply put, is to focus on the destination v. the distractions. Right now is the perfect time to choose one thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Maybe it’ll be something you achieve in a few days, or perhaps it’ll be something that you do once this whole thing is over… Regardless, it’s a great opportunity to get inspired. Think of this as a vacation from the status-quo. An opportunity to get in the challenge zone and grow in an area that has been needing some cultivating. Focus on it exclusively. Be sold out to seeing it through to the end. And by all means, remove all the distractions.

Speaking of vacations, my belief has always been that vacation is for experiencing new things. I guess it’s for that reason that my wife and I always limited the amount of stuff that our girls could pack. Our philosophy has always been to bring the bare minimum in order to reduce the distractions while we were trekking across the globe.

Simply put, too much baggage sometimes gets in the way of the adventure that lies ahead. So, while this crisis isn’t a walk on some isolated beach in the South Pacific, it also isn’t an excuse to stop being inspired!

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